How To Play BikeTag


You must discover the “mystery location” and take a picture of your bike there. Then you must bike to a new "mystery location" of your choosing and take a picture of your bike there. Submit both pictures to the TAG IT! section. NOTE: you may not "reserve" being "IT" by immediately posting a photo of your bike in the old "mystery location" before finding and posting a picture of the new "mystery location."


Mystery locations must be freely accessible to the public and by bicycle. Mystery locations should be unique/interesting/identifiable. Tags that include only nondescript features (blank walls) are not acceptable and will be removed. Mystery locations may not be mobile objects (food trucks, for example). Discovered mystery locations and new mystery locations must be tagged with the same bicycle, on the same ride. Pictures of discovered mystery locations and new mystery locations must be posted at the same time.

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user [Amp]

By the bridge over the water. ) by Amp

Bike Tag Game


BikeTag is a mystery photo tag game. BikeTag.Org is a place for people to see the most recent Bike Tags in their city and participate in the game in an easy and simple way, without needing to login to anything. The game was originally found on /r/BikingATX, that was then adopted by /r/bikeLA, that was then adopted by /r/chibike. For reddit credit: /u/america_yall of /r/BikingATX who started the first run of the game.

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BikeTag.Org was created in May of 2018 by a team of two in Portland, Oregon. The code that runs this website is open source and tracked on github. This code is free to use or modify and is maintained by volunteers all over the world.

Support the BikeTag project on Patreon!

The web application that serves [City].BikeTag.Org uses the following platforms either through console administration or API consumption. These technologies are used at minimum levels to reduce costs, in some cases to $0. As BikeTag.Org scales, this technology list may grow and the costs to maintain these services will increase.

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Domains
  • Imgur
  • Reddit

Operating costs currently range between $5-$10/month, excluding one-off purchases for stickers and other merch. For a full breakdown of expenses, see our expenses report on github.

Donations to date: $68.33


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